Creation is my favorite thing
of thoughts, of music, of writing, of dreams
but its crazy that even the smallest things
can hurt us or taunt us or set us free
two halves of a book bent backwards to form a heart
to a happily ever after, till death do us part
to the gift of life, to you and your mom
to the safety you feel curled in her arms
to the creation of lust
to the creation of hate
to the inversion of goodness and omission of fate


Image Credit: Priya Kavina


  1. This really touches me and makes me think about how unexpected life can be. Esp. with the lines, “to the creation of lust. to the creation of hate.” I know it’s true. but things appear to be “created” with love. But then you find there are snakes on the other side of it. I like how you use the word create, it sounds like an uplifting word but it makes you think when it’s joined with hate and lust. Good job! 🙂

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