Success Undefined

Elusive, Ambiguous, and Illusory. There are so many things that slip through our fingers every day. There are so many things that slip through our fingers every day because we let them; because we are told that if we hang on to them, we won’t achieve success. Ah there’s that word again, success. This word, a word we chase after for reasons long forgotten, is taunting and terrorizing because it is undefined. Definition binds us, it makes us feel secure. From infancy we feel safe in bindings because they are snug and strong, solid and stable.

Maybe the Elusive, Ambiguous, and Illusory aren’t safe or stable, but what if they are powerful and incredible and extraordinary? What if they take us on a journey of hardships and teach us the power of love. Or what if they show us the heights we fear so we learn that infinity is not black, but a prosperity of colors. Or what if we trust them to believe that all things real cannot be seen. What if they teach us that success is not the affluence of currency but wealth of friendship, love, and happiness?

Words are restrictive. We can’t think something if there is no word for it, we can’t feel something if there is no word for it, right?


We all have that feeling we cannot describe. Its Elusive, Ambiguous, and Illusory but that’s okay. It creates fear, and that, too, is okay. Fear elicits an instinctual fight or flight response; so we have two choices: either fight our fears and dive into the heart of the Elusive, Ambiguous, and Illusory, or run far from it. If we choose to fight, we are ready to disengage ourselves from the definition of success; if we choose to run, we are simply not ready and there is no shame in that, for the earth is spherical and eventually, when the time is right, we shall all meet the Elusive, Ambiguous, and Illusory head on.



Image Credit: Priya Kavina



  1. Your writing is amazing as always. It always gives me the chill when I read your works. Keep it up, Priya! I look forward to reading all your heart-touching and thoughtful writings on this blog!


  2. Hey Priya, this is K&L from The Millionaire’s Digest and I just want to let you know I’ve received and responded to your email. Thanks!


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      1. You are so welcome, ive only started writing my own stuff this year, and your writing is just blowing my mind. It would be great if you could share me, just so I could get my work out there and things! Would be so appreciated!! X


  3. Amazing! Sometimes even emotions can be expressed without words! This is how I am able to communicate with my pets! Without any words 🙂
    We have started living in a world where something is missing. What is the remedy? Find out more in my poem “A Golden Heart” to reveal the superficiality of our lives at
    Hope you will like it 🙂 Don’t forget to leave a comment as it’s very valuable 🙂


  4. I do believe success is afluence of love ,friendship,humanity,kindness not measured on accumulation of wealth…lovely write up….reading repeatedly.Sometimes I feel so related to yr writeups as if I wanted to say all this and you adorned it woth yr marvellous words…

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  5. The thing is sometimes it is okay to let them slip that way whatever was meant to stick will stick. Also I believe if it is something you have given your all you would auto know when to give up. You would not think twice. You know you gave your best but it is time to move on. May be after reading Daniel Kahneman’s “think fast think slow” I have gotten rid of the heuristics and biasness towards a project and look at it from more objective point of view. Regardless I do think letting go isn’t as bad and it shouldn’t weigh us down.


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