The Cure

Addiction to madness

Addiction to sadness

Addiction to the pain that hurts us the most

Fighting to be better than the rest, addiction is the parasite, and us, its mere host.

It invades us and eats a hole through our chests

It creates a clearing, an open wound, a perfect slot where the dagger fits the heart best

The perfect plan, don’t you see, to keep the heart pumping, the pain supplies the vein

The parasite wins and the body goes insane 

We look for ways to numb the ache

And we inadvertently feed the parasite, fueling the addiction

But this is the pattern that we must learn to break

In reality, we cannot hide in fiction

It can be a curse, one with a difficult cure

One that requires love and acceptance, not critical dejection

The parasites are plenty, so we must stand together

We must help those infected and offer them the cure

And create a world, where in parasites of plenty, 

The hosts grow fewer

It becomes easy to accept the negativity thrown at us, that is a curse, but we must stand together and eliminate ridicule and mockery of subjects we do not yet understand. Learning and accepting, that is the cure. We must fight for knowledge and love, not spread the prosperity of hate. By starving the parasite, we can eliminate it. Feed it poisonous fuel; and remember that one specie’s poison is another’s source of sustenance.

How will you be part of the cure?




  1. Use os imageries was so apt and soothing,
    This body for the parasite; we fuel.
    The cure. Everything., Beautiful.

    To live the cure,
    P; URE, for parasite,
    Thread into thread,
    And Blossom of truth in mere contrite.

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