60 Second Storm

60 Second Storm

I haven’t heard the sound of natural thunder in a while

the storm outside rages, but the sky seems mild

I wanted to see it, the thunder I mean

such a strong force, yet it goes unseen

I woke up with a smile when the thunder cracked

it was the strongest roar, but in appearance it lacked

it still looks mild outside, with a few grey clouds here and there

I guess, out there, it’s a stage, and thunder just doesn’t share

I love that this rumble makes me smile

it left me long ago, the fear I had as a child

What once made me cry is patiently awaited

it’s nature that will never be antiquated

So go on, roar, rumble, and crack

shake the ground, unsteady the track

And as I watch, the sounds get louder

as if to scold me like my father

But still I smile as the storm nears…







and it booms like nothing you’ll ever hear

the music of nature that can never be rewritten

for all the scientists run scared and remain hidden






and it roars like a lion through a microphone

like nature releasing its angst through a telephone





and it crashes like a redwood hitting the ground

and yes, even without us, it still makes a sound




boom! from a thousand orchestral cymbals

Worth more than the wealth of a handful of crystals



louder than the applause of the world together

even stronger than your promise of forever



Like the strength of forbidden love’s denial

Like the power of a bypassing stranger’s smile
like my heart when I know you’re near

like a bullet fired from the heavens

like a whip to a horse’s rear

like porcelain thrown against steal

And then the fear returns…

the fear of a child

but I’m not scared of it

It’s just a feeling I haven’t held in a while

so I let it take over,

I let it bleed

I let it harness all that it needs

but just for minute

I count to 60

and in those seconds the fear runs deep through my veins,

through my arms and to my fingers

through my legs and to my toes

past my stomach and to my heart

but that’s all it has,

those 60 seconds

After that, I am in peace

There’s an inceptive seed I have planted in my mind

To remind me

I want to feel, but only what I choose

but this storm, this thunder,

I want it to resonate

I want to hear

every note of its melodic tune

I want to save it in a jar of glass

I want it to last

so I can hold fear and not feel scared.

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