Internal Compass

Internal Compass

This compass doesn’t point north
It doesn’t hold magnetic properties
But it still works on the basis of attraction
To take you to what you desire most
Through thorns and storms
It’ll take you
And you’ll get scratched and drenched
But you have to trust it will lead you to where you want to be
Help yourself
As it drags you
By getting up and following it
And start jumping over those thorn bushes
And running
No, chasing
To get where that compass is taking you
Regardless of the fact that you have no idea where
Or that you’re terrified to the point of nausea
But chase it still
Because it knows what you want
Even if you don’t
And it’s taking you there
Until slowly you begin to realize
That this compass you read about
Is inside you
Beating rhythmically
Pushing you towards that path
With every pulse
And once you actualize the excitement that’s stirring inside of you
Your eyes brighten
And you see a path
In the jungle you’re being dragged through
And the pulsing inside you grows
So that you can hear it
And feel it
And your footsteps begin to synchronize with it
And then you see it
What you want most
With such clarity
And you’re breathless
But you keep running
And you’ll keep running
Because you need it
That warmth that chases the nausea away
That satisfaction
That smile that you can feel in your cheeks
That peace
The one that you feel in the empty spaces between your bones
And you hold your compass
With the warmth of your body
But no words come to mind
To thank it
But it’s okay, even it smiles
Because it knows
Together you crafted life

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