About Me

About Me

Priya Kavina at Gokyo Lakes, NepalWho I am

Priya Kavina; storyteller; photographer; and a creative influencer who lives to persuade you to believe in yourself, question norms, and support unity. With a passion for writing and a degree in Cognitive Science, I am interested in the diverse perspectives nature, art and science offer to understand societal cognition.

I love to tell stories

May it be through poetry or flash fiction or human interest pieces, stories have always been a part of me. Pairing these stories with photography gives me the advantage of using all my resources to pass on the exact message that I want…and that is to convince you to live a life of passion, to color outside the lines, and to think how a simple shift in perspective can change your view of life!

My Inspirations

My biggest passion is for nature. This love for nature has taken me around the world and it is these experiences that inspire my writing. You can expect a mix of travel pieces, poetry, stories, and inspirational pieces on my blog. For my fellow trekkers and environmentalists, feel free to browse through the HikeMinded section for tips on how to go green and integrate some of those mindful backpacking and travel habits into our daily lives!

Chasing after the wonders of the Earth has led me to discover a universe that even computer generated graphics can not recreate. Every photograph I take can not aptly capture the genuine beauty, brilliant serenity, and stunning skies. The stupefaction nature leaves me in is indescribable; this is what it feels like to be in love. Check out my Instagram to experience these sights that so often leave me breathless.

So now that you know a bit about me, I would love to know about you! Share your story at The Poet’s Point.

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