Aisle Three

Aisle Three

“How cheap must be the material of which so many are made.” – Thoreau; Friday

How cheap must the idea be, this one which is so plentiful?

A commodity is what it is, dressed in snowflake wrapping paper, placed neatly on the shelf, somewhere in aisle three;

below it, a bright yellow tag. $9.90 please.

It’s affordable and appeals to the eye.

Ten thousand shopping carts and a hell of a line.

But we can beat it, if we leave early enough.

Dinner with mom, and dad, and grandma too; and uncle and nieces and of course, the dogs too.

But eat quick, the sales end soon.

There’s this idea we’ve been eyeing – it’s a limited time offer, for tomorrow its wrapping paper will change.

This holiday season, give the gift of time and love. Give something that says “I value our relationship.” This is not to say don’t gift store-bought items; the important thing is to give a gift which adds value to someone’s life. You can show your love through handmade gifts, or gifts of experience that allow you to spend time together. The Minimalists recently released an article and podcast discussing how the holiday season has become one of the most stressful times of the year due to the laborious shopping it requires. It’s “as if buying a gift was an ideal way to celebrate Christmas,” they say in their post Let’s Talk About Black Friday. This holiday season, spend time instead of money, and give love instead of gifts.

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