Black Is Iridescent

Black Is Iridescent

Notice the black swan’s reflection

A collection of iridescent and chaotic particles

Shimmering in lush swamps

Too dense and dangerous for people

But when people become a person

The paths of the swamp look wide

So you traverse the jungle brush far enough to see the black swan swim

And furthermore

To see her reflection

A masterpiece of exotic elements

Glowing in the dark green depths

Now you stop and stare

And for the first time

You notice the black swan’s mirror

And you realize she’s not black at all

The light breaks her feathered shield into wild hues

As deep as the sky and vibrant as the ocean

The peacock of the shadows

And you can’t help but wonder who so carelessly defined blue

And if they carelessly defined you, too.

Image credit: Matheus Bertelli

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