Cucumber Charades

Cucumber Charades

Under a canopy of forest fresh from rain and mounds of chiseled earth beneath,

We take out a soggy brown bag of cut cucumbers adorned with single lines of fountain black ink

For a lazy game of cucumber charades

Under the toes of the sun, luxuriously digging and indulging in our emerald moss umbrella.

Birds begin to rehearse their songs as he begins his performance.

Dancing across the earthy stage, he flails his arms manically from his mouth and throws them back into the morning

While silence siphons out of my thoughts.

I don’t take a guess until I am pleased with my answer,

But birds chime in ceaselessly.

I don’t mind.

I get lost in their song

But just until I realize I’ve left this man miming

And that’s when I figure his act, and all the silence he emits, but not by choice.

He would never choose silence by choice.

“Words!” I say

And he smiles wearily with relief.

“Yes, ‘words’ that’s what it read.”

His soundful exhalation pierces the shade of a million leaves

And down falls the ghost of water that swims reluctantly off of my cheek.

A crunch from his cucumber piece and silence siphons into my thoughts.

Photographer: Steve Buissinne


© KavaraStories. All Rights Reserved.

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