Deep Forest Eyes 

Deep Forest Eyes 

I was walking to the park

On side walks and side streets

Smiling at the drivers who passed me by

Drivers who recoiled from a stranger’s unknown intentions

I continued down the sidewalk

Bushes and greenery bloom

And from the midst of it all

I heard a voice from behind the woods

A child, bare, and covered in dirt

Called to me from the ashes

I inched forward and pulled back the leaves

Her deep forest eyes gleamed at me

She asked, why have you left me?

Left you? I asked

I don’t know you, I said

No, not anymore,

You left me in the forest, she said

I’m sorry, I pleaded

But I still don’t know who you are

Sophistication and education forced you to leave me

Then eradication came and erased me

So I wait for you here

Until imagination and creation once again long for me

She whispered, pulling the leaves back over her eyes

Her deep forest eyes

And my eyes

Which long for the deep forest

Photographer: Dominique Feldwick-Davis

© KavaraStories. All Rights Reserved.

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