Cymbals and drums
From ostracized music
Beating to unheard lyrics
Sway in her mind like drunken ideas
As she fights a sobriety from childish creativity.
The beauty in the music pulls her out from her societal cast, gifting her with a breath of cool air that rejuvenates her drunken ideas,
Ideas which she refuses to abandon.
Ideas that allow her to dance amongst the robotics of the world.

In spite of logistics, she purposefully chases the moon

As the tangerine sun follows her through the velvet sky
And she streaks the darkening night white with the light in her eyes
Until the galaxy is absorbed into her skin.
Every star sends a chill through her heart
And each star births a pulse to sustain her,
Just long enough
Until one shoots across the sky
And she loses her breath
And her eyes roll back
To clearly see those drunken ideas,
Smiling in her mind.



© KavaraStories. All Rights Reserved.

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