Goldfish® In A Cup

Goldfish® In A Cup

A plastic cup in cartoon clothes

Holds goldfish to the brim

Mom picks one from the top and makes it fly

Airplane noises and spitting engines

Land the cracker on my tongue

I pick another from the cup

And make it fly, just as well

As high as my arm can reach

Mom bends down and guides my hand

So I can make fish fly for her, as she did for me

Mom picks me up and I fly

Instinctually, I spread my wings

She tells me one day I will fly on my own

So I remind her people can’t fly

You’re right, my love, people can’t fly, she sings

But you, you are not people

You are single, you are unique

You are my gold fish in a sea of green

And you will fly, my love

Just you wait and see

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