Heaven’s Embrace 

Heaven’s Embrace 

The soft Himalayan oaks stand in remembrance of the steaming summer sun

in the chill of winter’s first frost

Just as he stands, bathing in a single ray of light,

the first emergence from behind the mountains,

waiting for her embrace.

The wind whispers with a chill in its kiss

but with the tenderness of a wise, weathered heart

A tear whimpers down his sun kissed cheek

as he watches the parting sky

From purple to pink to orange to blue

the colors paint his eyes

The beige below his leather wrapped feet curls up towards the sky

and the blue, too, cries for the beauty in disguise.

He waits in the silence of his breath

for her to give him some sort of sign

Wet, in the mud of the earth, his breath steams before his eyes

and he feels her, like he feels gravity

down in the depths of his stomach

He feels her like the warmth of an escaping smile

Or like first love’s touch, when the heart shivers and the skin tries to run from the bones as the sun sets in his cheeks and evokes a fervorous heat

He feels her presence through every intoxicated breath,

a breath coated in the frost of snowfall and in the pine of the evergreens.

He inhales the clouds and the air, even the polluted sorts

and it churns inside him, trying to anchor itself

a leech, a parasite, a demon,

So he calls to her with

exhalation of pestilence and cleansing breaths

And devotes his soul to himself

In that moment, the deepest infatuations and most secret desires

are opened,


like gift wrap, or a birthday bow

And he’s free with the colors that paint his eyes to look upon the world

to see heaven

as she returns his embrace

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