How To Overcome Your Disability

How To Overcome Your Disability

If life were a game, ‘abilities’ would be the tokens we collect to advance ourselves. Abilities are the bronze coins, they are the pennies. We all have them stored away, but they are nothing like the gold coins we prize; they are commonplace.

Disabilities Are The Real Prizes.

They are rare, unique, and irreplicable. You may ask, how is a disability a good thing? Disabilities make me different. Exactly. That’s exactly it. Disabilities make you different. They let you stand out, they let you be seen. Don’t confuse this with exclusion or segregation.

Sure, people may be nervous to approach you because you are different, but that’s their problem. All you need to focus on is how to embrace your difference. How can you make this situation benefit you?

People Desire Connections

They want to find things you have in common with them so they can form a bond. Remember, a real connection is formed through emotional altruism, attention, and personality, not through physical appearance, or wealth. So yes, you may be different in that you look or speak different, but you still love, you still have a vibrant personality, you still battle hardships like everyone else; these are the things that connect you to others.

Disabilities Don’t Stop You From Doing Things, They Teach You to do Things Differently.

Those who have had an amputation are not different because they are missing an


arm, they are different because of how they succeed, despite missing an arm. Take for example, Bethany Hamilton, the surfer who survived a shark attack in which she lost her arm. She worked incredibly hard and still succeeded in becoming a professional surfer. Her story is one of perseverance, independence and inspiration. She is known by her incredible strength, motivation and determination, not by the lack of an arm. She does not consider herself disable and neither should you.

Stephen Hawking, another inspiring example, is bound to a wheelchair and remains dependent on a computerized voice system for communication, yet he refuses to let his disabilities disable him. He embraces his life as a theoretical physicist, cosmologist, author, and Director of Research and has made groundbreaking contributions to physics and cosmology. Having amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) forced Hawking to go about his research, communication, and life differently. The fact that he has made incredible contributions to science despite of the hardships of ALS is what makes him inspiring. Hawking still hopes to make it to space one day.

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How have you embraced your disability/flaw?

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