In The Brightness of All Our Names 

In The Brightness of All Our Names 

I picked a blade of grass

From the root of the Earth’s molten core

And through the tiniest home that this blade occupied,

A ray of bold shot into the sky

I trailed the ray up to the night

And saw the star it claimed

I took another blade from the ground

And then another

And one more

And soon, my name was written in the sky

I ran to my friend to show him my art

And he too wrote his name in the sky

Then he wrote the name of she who keeps his heart

He wrote and she wrote

We wrote until there was no grass left

And the sky was rid of night

And in the brightness of all our names

I lost my fame

And I lost the grass

Photographer: Unslpash

© KavaraStories. All Rights Reserved.

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