When I grow up, I want to be you, Mother

I want to be loud and powerful

And uplifting and consoling

Like your waters, Mother

I want to be accepting and giving

But have the courage to be unforgiving when circumstances come to hand

Like your ambience, Mother

I want to be inspiring and magical

And stormy and fierce

Like your skies, Mother

I want to take their breath away

And give it back

Like your mountains, Mother

I want to feed the hungry

And leave the greed of money undisturbed in the trees

Like your soil, Mother

I want to bring tears to their eyes,

Fill them with joys, yet teach the necessity of sorrow

Like your wonders, Mother

I want them to wonder about me, too

But Mother,

Don’t let them take advantage of me,

Like they do to you

© KavaraStories. All Rights Reserved.

Original Images by Skitterphoto and Arcaion

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