Hello, and welcome to the official launch of my newest initiative, KavaraKind!

The KavaraKind are people who are FIERCE, inquisitive, and creative against all odds. They are not afraid to question the music they hear; they are not afraid to beat their own drum in response. They understand that they are not off beat, as they may be told, and hold their head high, continually marching to their own music. They take pride in their INDIVIDUALITY, their bohemian nature, and their adventure to carve a path in front of them and leave a trail behind.

The KavaraKind speak out for what they believe in and stand up for those who have lost their voice. They DEFY STEREOTYPES, for they are creators and artists, dreamers and misfits, learners and teachers, revolutionaries and pioneers. They live for experiences, they live to make magic. They live to make a difference.

The KavaraKind initiative aims to celebrate these souls and moreover, to PROVE that no matter where in the world we are, we all share some common thoughts, desires, and interests. The world is seemingly condensing, yet we are somehow growing apart from each other. We make unfair judgements and burn bridges before we even have the thought to consider what might be on the other side. Our life is a journey – rivers and canyons are inevitable. If we don’t cross these passes, we will forever be afraid of the unknown. Let’s work together and create a world full of beautiful bridges. We are born EXPLORERS.


Follow along for new perspectives from around the world!


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