24 hours Till Launch!

24 hours Till Launch!

You are a reader, a follower, a member of KavaraStories, and I sincerely thank you for following my work; but aren’t you curious as to what Kavara means? We are 24 hours away from KavaraStories’ ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY when the question will finally be answered.

As an anniversary special, I will be launching KavaraKind on July 25th – a secret project dedicated to those who work a little harder, think a little smarter, and climb towards their dreams, no matter how high the mountain.

Sounds like you, doesn’t it? That’s because YOU are KavaraKind. You are a diamond. You are unique: you are tough and beautiful. You are strong, brave gem, for you know falling cannot hurt you. You are a force of nature, born and built, and there’s no creature who can stop you.

I would love to know what Kavara means to you! Take a guess – comment below!

For a sneak peek of the project, sign up here!




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