Other Side of the Glass

Other Side of the Glass
“If a plant cannot live according to its nature, it dies; and so does man.” Thoreau; Civil Disobedience

We fear to work long enough at one place so that the greatest task becomes looking out the window. But we fear too, that on the quest for stimulating work, the greatest task becomes staring at a digital window.

Glimpses of futuristic knowledge will entertain us well enough; perhaps so well we will forget our study and the walls which surround it. Perhaps so well, we will indulge in the game of the commons – repeatedly excited by intoxication and whimsical experiences in other worlds, taking pleasures in lives which are not our own. Mostly, we fear of losing the home we’ve built in our souls when we look out that captivating window. Out there, the world does not stop. It is addictive to watch. Draw a long breath of recovery and a year has passed.

Tell me, have we moved closer to the sun?

Every time to wolf howls, I get an eerie feeling we have.

Image Credits: Demeter Attila
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