Persimmons, Pumpkins, and Oranges

Persimmons, Pumpkins, and Oranges

At the crossroads of September’s ghost and All Hallow’s Eve,

Persimmons, pumpkins, and oranges alike

Prepare the leves of the evergreen trees

to give up their glory for one season’s time.

The greens comply, leaving their skeletal towers behind

and blanket the Earth one last time.

Persimmons, pumpkins, and oranges alike

Smile from the windows of hauntless nights

to breathe for the Earth through Autumn’s height.

Behind evil faces and a jack-o-lantern disguise,

Soulful creatures created for freight

Guard the houses of the children of light.

Amidst cinnamon aroma and pumpkin spice,

Persimmons, pumpkins and oranges alike

Save the children from the mares of night.

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