Prehistoric Cognition

Prehistoric Cognition

REDRUM is the concrete jungle
Let me guide you through its cookie-cutter maze

Admonition: be wary of the haze they call beautiful
Sirens are meant to be luring.

Enter under one condition: do not search for a defogger
Big Brother likes his jungle blind

Welcome to the competition: (a whispered word of advice, rely on instinct.
You are now a pawn of entertainment, don’t fall prey to C.G.I.)

Human disposition: survival of the fittest; you’re on your own
World war, an eye for an eye

Note the opposition: are they really so different?
-I would have done the same to survive.

Strategic realization: If I fight any longer,
the enemy will learn the art of my war.

Forbidden inquisition: what if we joined together?
We could get out of this alive

Prehistoric cognition: know thy enemy – and the knife in their hands
Always sleep with one eye open

And an exquisite proposition: Do I not destroy my enemies
when I make them my friends?

An impossible exhibition: the enemy catches the blade of their knife
and offers the handle to me

Stunning erudition: identical thoughts in two houses
it’s the uncertainty in the first step that’s daunting

Thoughtful re-evaluation: Big Brother is not in control

Powerful ammunition: lays in between hands united
of kinds and colors and molds

REDRUM is the concrete jungle,
unless you adapt to the smaze Big Brother relies on
and reach lucidity without a defogger.

Photo by: ayoubZineLaarab

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