The Doppler Effect

The Doppler Effect

Rhythmic oscillations bombard us daily and herd us to remain in sync with them. Beats from the headphones that house themselves in our ears or the pulses we create with our foot steps are so constant that they become noise unnoticed. Up the stairs, down the stairs, a cup comes down on the desk; yes ma’am, no ma’am, a cellphone’s unrest. Papers scatter, public chatter, words of detest; erase the slate, public hate, they finally confess. Then in the midst of it all, someone breaks the iambic noise and the world stops to listen. They deem it unfit to categorize as music at first but slowly its imaginative pulsation begins to capture the world and before long it is idolized and framed in the minds of the young, who then try to teach the wise. A new dance is conjured in sync to the  beats and the publicists sell it as the next big thing, but that’s all it is, isn’t it, the next big thing. It’s loud when we are near it, but it distorts and becomes something else as it passes us by: the Doppler Effect.

Sounds are noise until they agree on harmony, only then do they become something beautiful and eternal.



Image Credit: Priya Kavina

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