The Future They Forgot to Imagine

The Future They Forgot to Imagine

The termination of an expired concept ignites her
The audacity they hold to deem her conceptions antiquated
burns a desire into her to disprove that the future reigns us all
Contemporary actualities, and even as far back as memories, drive her to layer new creations on a foundation of yesterday.
It is the weight of these amassed conceptual concretes that, once she aggregates the strength to toss in front of her, will propel her past the proprietors of tomorrow.
In the meantime, she discards their medicines as poison and self medicates in order to rebirth those aborted concepts
They institutionalize her rationales, diagnosing her with nostalgia
But only they will suffer from her misdiagnosis for the injection of their notions will fail to sedate her well-grounded beliefs
Yet they will suffer still, for the confusion of “nostalgic” with “cautiously prospective” will leave them vulnerable to the future they forgot to imagine.



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