The Picture of Life

The Picture of Life

The beautiful brown of the brush below the tree
The tree whose leaves were once upon green
Lies bare yet wears layers of wisdom
Gifted from the eternity of years yet to come

The blue in the water that colors the salmon pink
Mirrors the sky that the blue bird streaks
And falls upward when the black clouds veil
From the world’s eyes saved, sings the famous nightingale

The black crow flies always out of sight
While the peacock’s feather burns bright in their eyes
A flame under the pan, jealous of the wild-fire
Will never receive the awe of a con man, liar.

Bright red blushes the cloud littered sky


And even the mountains underneath the spackled star light
The determined peaks glow white through the night
As the moon touches them, gently with its light

Jealous of the peaks, man climbs and he climbs
To touch and be touched by the moon’s heavenly time
The physicality of an abstract misconception reigns like a ghost
yet is worshiped and minded as religion’s hymn

Capture of a picture larger than life
It’s impossible, yet man still tries
To keep with him, what is already inside
Eroded faith in sustenance leaves him searching for his life.

A camera can’t do it all. Take a moment and trust your eyes.


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