The Thoughts that Drip

The Thoughts that Drip

Repeat my murmurs back to me

The subconscious words of slumber

That flutter from daylight’s kiss

Flying into dawn and ashed by noon,

Dissolving into the air

And completing a circuitous flight back to my blood.

Repeat my murmurs back to me

And replenish the thoughts that drip

In alloys of blood, sweat, and tears.

Repeat my murmurs back to me

And keep what’s inside of me,

Forever inside of me.

Repeat my murmurs back to me

In the height of day

So I, too, can understand

The composition of my midnight thoughts.

Repeat the murmurs that keep me rich

Call it hoarding or saving,

Economic or thrift,

Either way, I’ll never understand

How the barter of your bill will buy you happiness.

Photographer: Isa Karakus

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