Thin King

Thin King

How could that possibly be?
My toes stuck in wet concrete
sinking inch by inch
but with my loyalties to you
I start to sink faster
head by head
Loyalty is a vicious thing

how could they deem you so?
the weight of my eyes
the weight of my ears
the external noise they envelope
the weight of my head
the weight of you
slowly crushing my vocal chords

To everyone you speak
although few respond
I chose to let you through
but don’t you think your entrance
is resistance to resist
or even a thing of loyalty
remember, I chose to let you through

So now, King, where do you stand
when your reign has come to an end
to the casualties,
and to those who have fallen,
I extend my hand and in it a key,
do with it what you must.
I opened my mind and found myself,

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