Unwrapping Renegades

Unwrapping Renegades

She gave the girl a gift,
A box that was her own as a child
The girl smiled at the red ribbons,
And shredded the packaging, as she had been taught
The clock counted seconds,
And the girl pulled off the lid
It landed on the bed of beautiful paper
The curtain which shielded the gift
The girl peeked her head inside
And quickly her butterflies morphed

The box was empty
And the clock was still counting

She took the ribbon and tied the girl’s hair

It takes
to unwrap a gift, my child

More likely,
It is the gift which unwraps your shell
And unveils you to yourself

It may take
My child, but unwrap gently,
Unwrap perceptively

And so she did

The girl carried the box
And the clock counted moments
Until the girl became a woman
Un-absorbed by gifts

The woman filled the box with strength
And courage
And hope
She sprinkled in conquered fears
And mavericks
And thoughts of the renegades she’d, too, unwrapped

Survival was in this box
Life was in this box
And she had learned to pack well

Some gifts cannot be wrapped.

Have you ever received a gift that has changed you?


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