Why Mommy Says “No More Candy”

Why Mommy Says “No More Candy”


“Yes, Eli?” said Mary from behind her computer screen.

“Can I have one more piece of candy? Pretty please with sugar on top?” Mary looked down at her 5-year-old son but a moment of thought clouded her vision. “Pleaseeeee,” whined Eli.

“Huh?” she refocused from her crowded inbox to her son. “You want more candy?”

“Ya!” Eli screamed. Mary settled her eyes on Eli. He was sitting on his play mat on the floor; there were at least ten colorful candy wrappers sprawled around him, and just as many half eaten candies.

“You still have so many left! And look at the mess you’ve made.”

“I’m all done with these,” explained Eli as he gestured around him. “I want different ones now.”

“Different ones?” questioned Mary, “Why did you only eat half of each candy?”

“If I eat the whole thing, I’ll be too full to try different ones! It’s very simple, Mommy.” He rolled his eyes to imply his mom should have understood such an obvious explanation.

“Too full to try different candies, huh? Well, don’t you think if you try so many at once, you’ll forget what the first one tasted like?”

“No!” Eli’s tone shifted to become defensive yet persuasive.

Mary shut down her computer screen. “So what did it taste like then?” she asked her son with a witty smile.

“It tasted like candy, duh.” Eli shot his hands out in front of him to amplify his frustration.


Our world has so much to offer, and that makes it extremely difficult for us to resist. We see all the candy laid out on a silver platter, and we want it all. The one who obtains it all, and obtains it the fastest becomes a celebrity; they themselves become that candy we so desire.

With so much candy, some sweet, some sour, it becomes difficult to try just one. So we eat and we eat, one bite from here, one bite from there, and that becomes the task of it all: try everything you can.

So we multitask; it is our employment, it is our entertainment, it is enveloping.

It consumes us, all the candy in the world, and in our attempt to consume it, we chase it from thousands of angles. The candy becomes a taste in its entirety, but a single piece rests on the tongue flavorless.



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