Why Silence Sings

Why Silence Sings

Watch with me, a sunset in silence, an episode of vibrance –

A poetic display of romantic afterthoughts to a day burdened with the absence of clouds,

For what else will catch the emotions shot up into the sky if not these dreamy pillows?

Watch with me, this sunset in silence,

For there are no words great enough to describe the magic of transition from something so bright and blooming,

Possibly damning and frighteningly transparent,

Into a world so different and dark,

Beautiful and seemingly eternal

Without the movement of the sun;

Polar opposites –

Could there be anything more marvelous and stark

as the transition of day into night?

Is there anything more true?

One is always an asylum from the other;

And each consultants to kings and queens.

Image Credit: Bess-Hamiti

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