Without the Need to be Called Flower 

Without the Need to be Called Flower 

Grown, I am, in physicality

But mentally molded, I am, by your philosophy

I sat, child-like, eyes wide

Absorbing every mannerism

Noting, mentally

How I will grow myself

Away from gardens of colloquial blossoms

Just as you grew yourself

In desiccated dirt

And later came to understand

The mountain who raised you

Bold and beautiful

Without the need to be called flower.

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3 thoughts on “Without the Need to be Called Flower ”

    • Thank you for your compliment. Poetry is a continual learning process; discovery of style and eloquence is eternal and infinite. We constantly evolve our thoughts, therefore we constantly evolve our writing. The most important thing is to never give into fear, for Fear is what stunts your growth. Never stop writing, never stop growing. I’m sure you write beautifully. Language is an art, and there is no bad art. ?

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